Temple Beth Or offers a rich and varied program, primarily endowed by the Rothschild-Blachschleger Lecture and Culture Fund.

IMG 0208-XLThe Fund provides for the temple’s membership in the Jewish Book Network, through which several authors each year visit Montgomery and speak at the Temple.  Some recent speakers include Harold Kushner, Martin Fletcher, Penina Schram and Lawrence Hoffman.  Cultural events such as a Sukkot concert by renowned songleader and composer Dan Nichols have also been sponsored by the Fund.

IMG 7355-LThe temple also sponsors periodic recitals, such as a recent performance of Sephardic music by our member and soloist Turia Stark.

The Fund parallels the Rothschild-Blachschleger Library Fund that has also brought in local scholars and historians to speak about the Jewish historical experience in Alabama.  Additional lectures are offered periodically by the Israeli Shaliach – a program sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Central Alabama – or by Rabbi Stevens as part of his adult education program.