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Our annual Jewish Food Festival and Treasure Market has become our ambassador to the community. Begun in 2004, thousands of our Montgomery neighbors have visited us over the years. Come try scrumptious and “exotic” culinary treats that are available for sale (dine-in or carry out), visit our Treasure Market, which promises something for everyone, or attend a short session in our sanctuary with Rabbi Looper to learn about Jewish customs.  Enjoy your lunch in the courtyard with live music by Dahlia Road.

You don’t have to know how to pronounce rugelach (roo·guh·laak) or challah (haa·luh) to know how delicious these baked goods are! Other menu items include brisket (slow-cooked beef), potato latkes (pancakes) and stuffed cabbage, kugel (noodle & raisin casserole), and Quajado (spinach, egg & cheese casserole)- not to mention Carnegie Deli Cheesecakes straight from the Big Apple!

In addition to our traditional frozen Matzah Ball soup, this year we have added Frozen-To-Go stuffed cabbage, kugel, Quajado and Challah.  Check out the Food Festival Menu page to place your order.


NEW TIME this year…

Sunday February 26th
10am to 2pm

Come enjoy all your favorite Jewish foods.  We look forward to seeing you there.  


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