Dealing with interfaith issues can be difficult at times. And, finding relevant information and resources to help you through the matter can also be a challenge. The following list of resources may help you to begin the journey for answers.

From URJ Books and Music:

Inside Intermarriage: A Christian Partner’s Perspective on Raising a Jewish Family
James Keen

The author of this much-needed book is a Christian father helping his Jewish wife raise Jewish children. Together, they have made many tough decisions. It’s no secret that interfaith marriages are complicated, especially when both partners are connected to their own religious faiths and communities. Using a healthy dose of humor and insights gleaned from his own experience, Keen provides couples with practical advice and solutions for how to give children a clear Jewish identity while maintaining a comfort level for both parents. Any family, no matter what the faiths of its individual members, can find his approach relevant. Interfaith homes come in all shapes and sizes; no two are alike. However, the foundations that will help them thrive are the same, and Keen’s straightforward ideas are sure to help. Includes perspectives from professionals who work with interfaith families.

 Recommended from other publishers:

Cowan, Paul with Cowan, Rachel. Mixed Blessings: Overcoming the Stumbling Blocks in an Interfaith Marriage. Penguin Books, Inc., 1989.

Friedland, Ronnie, and Case, Edmund, editors. The Guide to Jewish Interfaith Family Life: An Handbook. Jewish Lights Publishing, 2001.

Glaser, Gabrielle. Strangers to the Tribe. Houghton Mifflin Co., 1997.

Hyman, Meryl. Who Is a Jew? Jewish Lights Publishing, Woodstock, VT, 1998.

Jacobs, Rabbi Sidney J. and Betty J. 122 Clues for Jews Whose Children Intermarry. Jacobs Ladder Publications, Culver City, CA, 1988.

Andrea Kin. If I’m Jewish and You’re Christian, What Are the Kids? A Parenting Guide for Interfaith Families. UAHC Press, 1993.

Petsonk, Judy, and Remsen, Jim. The Intermarriage Handbook: A Guide for Jews and Christians. Arbor House Publishing Co., William Morrow Co. Inc., 1991.

Schneider, Susan Weidman. Intermarriage: The Challenge of Living With Differences Between Christians and Jews. The Free Press, Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc., 1989.

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